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9 Dec, 2018 03:00

SANTA DENIER arrested after giving children the ultimate Christmas spoiler

SANTA DENIER arrested after giving children the ultimate Christmas spoiler

A 31-year-old Texan has been arrested after telling children at a church breakfast that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, refusing to leave even as police arrived.

In the latest attack on Christmas, a breakfast with Santa event at a church in Cleburne, Texas was disrupted by 3 protesters angry that parents were teaching their children about “fake” Santa.

Holding up anti-Santa placards and shouting less-than-festive slogans, the protesters confronted people arriving, admonishing parents for encouraging belief in Santa and yelling to their children that he doesn’t exist.

31-year-old Aaron Urbanski of Joshua ended up on the law’s naughty list after refusing the church’s demands to leave the premises. When police arrived, Urbanski continued to cause a disturbance, and was arrested for trespassing.

Unfortunately for Aaron, the town's mayor, Scott Cain, is a man who takes Christmas rather seriously:

A lump of coal might not be the only thing Urbanski has to worry about – considering that, under Texas criminal code, trespassing is a Class B misdemeanor and can result in up to $2,000 dollars in fines and 6 months in jail, meaning that he might end up having a very blue christmas indeed.

Bizarrely enough, Urbanski is not the first anti-Santa arrest of the holiday season. In late November, a drunken man in Ontario felt the long Claus of the law, after disrupting a Santa-themed parade yelling that the bearded gift-bringer wasn’t real.

Smarter Grinches, meanwhile, are having an easier time stealing Christmas: like the Nebraska principal with a blanket ban on holiday imagery, or radio stations banning a classic Christmas song for non-conformity with 2018 #MeToo standards.

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