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‘Flying pastor’ swings off church ceiling to portray Jesus’ return (VIDEO)

‘Flying pastor’ swings off church ceiling to portray Jesus’ return (VIDEO)
A pastor has brought the word of God to a whole new level as he flew into the Brown Baptist Church in Memphis while attached to a zip line.

A viral video of the “flying pastor” shows Reverend Bartholomew Orr swinging above his congregation as he tries to portray the return of Jesus, about which he was preaching.

As the 49-year-old swung from one side of the hall to the other during the two-hour Sunday service, the reverend repeatedly asked: “Brothers and sisters, are you ready for the return of His Lord Jesus Christ?”

One of the videos of the unorthodox service that was posted to Facebook has reached two million views.

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The stunt, however, wasn’t well-received by everyone. Some criticized the church for how it was making use of its funds.


The pastor defended his high-rise performance, saying the lift had already been installed for Christmas productions, thanks to the donations of sponsors. He then thanked the public for the attention and said he was very appreciative of the fact the “word of God” was being discussed so vastly.


“God, in a unique way has spoken to eight million folks, and told them Jesus is returning,” he said. “At the end of the day that message is going forth and I’m all excited about that.”

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