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29 Oct, 2018 20:29

Rapper's delight: 50 Cent 'bought 200 seats' to rival Ja Rule's concert ...so they can sit empty

Rapper's delight: 50 Cent 'bought 200 seats' to rival Ja Rule's concert ...so they can sit empty

The feud between 50 Cent and Ja Rule is 'Outta Control,' with the two unlikely to kiss and make up 'In da Club' anytime soon. 50 Cent says he's purchased 200 seats to Ja Rule's upcoming concert, just so they can sit empty.

50 Cent, who has been sparring with his arch rival since at least 1999, made the announcement on Instagram, saying he bought 200 near-the-stage tickets to his enemy's upcoming concert in Texas so they can sit empty.

He followed it up with a Photoshopped image which showed him grinning away in a sea of empty seats.

Ja Rule responded in kind, first saying he enjoyed the fact that he gets under 50 Cent's skin.

His subsequent posts weren't quite as dignified, showing 50 Cent photoshopped with make-up and a wig, and using some rather derogatory terms that can't be repeated. 

The two first became public enemies in 1999 when 50 Cent claimed Ja Rule became aggressive after seeing him with a man who allegedly robbed Ja Rule. Ja Rule said his rapper rival just didn't like the fact that so many people in his home neighborhood of Queens, New York, were Ja Rule fans.

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