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15 Oct, 2018 19:12

Kentucky governor catches heat for grenade-throwing publicity stunt (VIDEO)

Kentucky governor catches heat for grenade-throwing publicity stunt (VIDEO)

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has filmed himself throwing a variety of grenades around as a ham-fisted metaphor for ‘blowing up’ bad policy. The video ad immediately backfired.

“When I was elected a couple of years ago, I talked about blowing up things like red tape, blowing up things like corruption, blowing up things like pay-to-play and inside deals,” Bevin tells the camera, as he fingers the pin on a stun grenade.

“This is the kind of thing we’re talking about, when we talk about blowing things up in Kentucky,” he continues, before putting on a set of earmuffs, pulling the pin, and lobbing the stun grenade downrange – in slow motion, of course.

From there, Bevin locks and loads a 40mm grenade launcher, and tosses more flash-bangs and smoke grenades. Each blast is accompanied with a Batman-like graphic explaining exactly what Bevin wants to blow away from Kentucky politics. In the video’s closing scene, Bevin’s team strut in slow motion through a cloud of white smoke.

Many Kentuckians weren't impressed - and needless to say, voiced their thoughts on social media:

The two-minute action movie was filmed at the Kentucky State Penitentiary gun range in Eddyville. State Attorney General Andy Beshear has already said that Bevin should "refund every tax dollar used to make this video."

Bevin’s video is largely a self-serving publicity exercise. The Republican governor doesn’t have to defend his seat at the polls until November 2019. Beshear, the son of a former Kentucky governor, is running against Bevin as a Democrat.

In a campaign-style rally in Richmond on Saturday, President Trump praised Bevin, who he called a “successful businessman,” and a “terrific man and a terrific governor."

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