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14 Oct, 2018 07:31

Right-wing Patriot Prayer faces off with anti-fascist protesters in Portland (VIDEOS)

Right-wing Patriot Prayer faces off with anti-fascist protesters in Portland (VIDEOS)

Right-wing Patriot Prayer group’s rally for the ouster of the mayor of Portland has been marred by violence, including mass brawls, an activist getting pepper-sprayed, and protesters leaving with bloodied faces.

Dozens of Patriot Prayer activists joined by several members of the far-right Proud Boys group marched through downtown Portland on Saturday, waving American flags and chanting “USA.”

The protesters unrolled a banner reading “Replace PDX Mayor!” referring to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. He has been accused of hindering the police response to a street protest on October 6.

The rally saw Black Lives Matter and other left-leaning activists blocking traffic. An Antifa activist was also seen assaulting a driver with police seemingly standing by.

The right-wing column was led by Tusitala ‘Tiny’ Toese, the leader of Patriot Prayer, who cautioned participants to steer clear of violence unless confronted by “masked terrorists.”

Tensions began heating up when the activists were passing by a Patrick Kimmons memorial, created by Black Lives Matter in memory of Kimmons, who was shot by police 15 times when he attempted to run away. Kimmons was unarmed at the time.

Some of the Patriot Prayer activists went into the BLM crowd, saying they wanted to lay flowers at the memorial.

The first altercation at the rally saw a black-clad protester releasing a blast of pepper spray at a Patriot Prayer activist.

Later on, a huge brawl broke out between the rival groups outside Kelly’s Olympian bar, forcing police to intervene and quash the unrest with pepper spray.

Toese himself was filmed striking a counter-protester, allegedly leaving the protester’s face covered in blood.

Some in the right-wing crowd reportedly rushed after the man who was seen retreating from the rally.

According to police cited by local media, several people were treated for injuries, but no one has been hospitalized.

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