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ThinkProgress editor under fire after calling for Republicans to be confronted ‘where they sleep’

ThinkProgress editor under fire after calling for Republicans to be confronted ‘where they sleep’
The justice editor for left-wing opinion site ThinkProgress tweeted out a call to confront GOP lawmakers everywhere, including, apparently, in their homes. Commenters have pointed out all sorts of problems with that.

“Tell me again why we shouldn't confront Republicans where they eat, where they sleep, and where they work until they stop being complicit in the destruction of our democracy,” Ian Millhiser wrote on September 28, retweeting a CNN report on Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona). Flake was cornered by protesters in an elevator before the Senate Judicial Committee was to vote on Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination.


The opposition was hoping that Flake, who is not running for reelection, would side with the Committee Democrats in turning Kavanaugh down. While the Arizona Senator voted for Kavanaugh’s nomination to proceed to the Senate floor, he requested a limited FBI probe into sexual misconduct allegations against the judge.

Millhiser’s tweet has since been liked over 15,000 times and produced an avalanche of outrage. Some pointed out why you shouldn't confront people "where they sleep."

Many asked if Millhiser would like a taste of his own medicine.

Others thought his call to basically break into people's homes was something the FBI should know about.

And some just laughed Millhiser’s words off.

Pro-Trump activist and conservative journalist Jack Posobiec called out Twitter for its lax reaction to calls for violence by the left, calling the treatment of Millhiser a “double standard in action.”

High-profile Republicans have increasingly been subjected to protester ambushes in public spaces.

This week Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was heckled by protesters in a Washington DC restaurant over his support for Kavanaugh. He had to leave the place while the activists chanted: “We believe survivors!”

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders suffered similar incidents over the summer.