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Michael Cohen praises own ‘integrity & veracity’ during Mueller probe in ‘accidental’ tweet

Michael Cohen praises own ‘integrity & veracity’ during Mueller probe in ‘accidental’ tweet
In a bizarre blunder, Michael Cohen has praised own patriotism and trumpeted the crucial role he plays in the notorious Mueller investigation, in a tweet that was allegedly meant to be sent from his lawyer’s account.

Just hours after it was reported that Cohen valiantly and voluntarily sat through hours and hours of interviews with Mueller’s team in recent weeks, the hero took to Twitter personally to emphasize his own role in the spectacle. The tweet, however was abruptly deleted less than a minute later – only to reappear again, this time from the account of his lawyer Lanny Davis.

Some sharp-eyed Twitterrati have nevertheless noted the embarrassing gaffe, forcing Davis to break into explanations that he was by no means controlling Cohen’s account, and only sought a simple retweet to spread the word to a greater audience.

Not everyone bought that explanation though, noting it was not how Twitter works. Others poked fun at how a lawyer, legally represented by another lawyer who is in fact a PR crisis manager, still has to draft his own tweets.

Some even took a note of how ‘integrity’, mentioned in the original tweet, was dropped from Davis’ version.

Altogether, commenters came to a consensus that the Cohen team was quite pleased by the ABC report, in which anonymous sources vaguely detailed how the US President’s former long-time personal ‘fixer’ and attorney –voluntarily and without any guarantees of a deal with prosecutors– spoke about all aspects of Trump's “dealings with Russia” he allegedly knows about.

Cohen and his lawyer repeatedly teased that they might also have some juicy details about Trump’s links to Russia, yet backed down when pressed for any factual evidence or unambiguous statement. Despite media insinuations, all his legal troubles so far had nothing to do with the alleged Russian ‘meddling’ or ‘collusion.’

Michael Cohen was convicted on eight counts of campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud, in a plea deal with prosecutors reached last month. One of these claims involves ‘hush money’ paid to porn star Stormy Daniels, who Trump allegedly had an affair with in 2006. Cohen, who once said that he would take a bullet for Trump, has flipped and claims that Trump directed him to “commit a crime” by ordering the payment. Trump denies ordering Cohen to break the law, and accused Cohen of “making up stories” to get a better plea deal amid a wider ‘Russia collusion’ witch-hunt.

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