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6 Aug, 2018 17:22

Black conservative Candace Owens attacked by Antifa mob

Black conservative Candace Owens attacked by Antifa mob

Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk, two leaders of the pro-Trump student group Turning Point USA, were mobbed and harassed by ‘Antifa’ activists in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Video shared by the pair show them harassed by ‘antifa’ activists, several of whom cover their faces, as they were eating breakfast in Philadelphia on Monday morning.

After driving them out of a restaurant, the mob threw drinks at Owens and Kirk, and chanted “no more white supremacy,” and “f*ck the racist police,” despite the fact that Owens and several of the officers present are in fact African-American.

As Owens attempted to engage a small group of protesters in debate, they switched tactics and began screeching into her face.

Police escorted Owens and Kirk away from the scene, and Kirk reportedly declined to press charges against a protester who threw a drink at him.

“So [Candace] & I were peacefully eating breakfast this morning. Within 20 mins ANTIFA mobilized a protest, started screaming at us, attacked us, & threatened death against us,” Kirk tweeted. “This is the face of the Democrats. Conservatives aren’t safe  - @RepMaxineWaters called for this.”

Kirk was referring to Representative Maxine Waters’ (D-California) now-infamous speech to followers at a Los Angeles rally in June, where she called for public harassment of Trump administration officials.

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them! And you tell them that they are not welcome, anymore, anywhere,” she told the cheering crowd.

Since the speech, which some conservatives have called an incitement to violence, Antifa and some Democratic party activists have heeded the call. Several Trump officials were ran out of restaurants by mobs; a Florida attorney general was spat on at a movie theater; and a teen was assaulted and had his red MAGA hat stolen in a burger joint. Those were just some of the incidents that gained national attention.

Monday’s incident drew bewilderment from conservative commentators on Twitter, with one calling the image of a white protester calling Owens a white supremacist “surreal.”

Kirk is the leader of Turning Point USA, a conservative youth organization that aims to challenge what it sees as a liberal bias at college campuses and schools throughout the country. Owens is the organization’s communications director.

Owens shot to fame when she received a shout-out from Kanye West earlier this year, as the rap megastar returned to Twitter with a barrage of tweets promoting self-help and daring to agree with President Donald Trump.

Since then, Owens’ beliefs have made her a lightning rod for Democrat anger. Most recently, after the New York Times stood by hiring editorial board member Sarah Jeong despite her history of racist tweets against white people, Owens replaced the word ‘white’ with ‘Jewish’ and ‘black’ in Jeong’s messages and tweeted them out to illustrate the apparent double standard at play.

Her Twitter account was temporarily suspended over the weekend, proving her point.

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