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3 Aug, 2018 18:29

‘Nobody has a clue where the goats came from’: Idaho city overrun with mystery farm animals (VIDEO)

‘Nobody has a clue where the goats came from’: Idaho city overrun with mystery farm animals (VIDEO)

Is it a sign of the impending rapture? No it isn’t, but some runaway goats-for-rent (this is a thing) did flood a neighborhood in Boise, Idaho.

Residents in a western suburb of the state capital opened their curtains on Friday morning to find scores of goats roaming free through the streets, eating the lawn grass and enthusiastically attacking house trees and fences.

Unsure, who to call West Boise residents opted for the media and Animal Control.

“They are going house to house eating everything in sight. Nobody has a clue where they came from…...updates to follow,” local KTVB reporter Joe Parris tweeted breathlessly, with an as-yet-undetermined degree of irony.

Meanwhile government officials were stumped, when they realized that their truck would be unable to fit in what were counted to be 118 animals. 

The mystery was resolved when a truck bearing the inscription WeRentGoats.com arrived an hour later. Thick-armed farmhands got out, and quickly shepherded the animals back in.

The company says it specializes in leasing goat herds to clear weeds and other unwanted growth in public spaces. However, the animals appear to have abandoned their assignment en-masse, to escape from a nearby field for the pleasures of suburban grass and the chance to be petted by curious schoolchildren.