Squirrel nibbles on nuts in Donald Trump-shaped feeder (VIDEO)

Squirrel nibbles on nuts in Donald Trump-shaped feeder (VIDEO)
Donald Trump’s critics often claim the US president is a little nuts – and now one grey squirrel can attest to that after feasting on a stash of nuts inside his head.

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Hilarious footage captured at Signal Mountain in Tennessee shows a grey squirrel burrowing around in a feeder shaped like the head of the reality TV star turned politician. The feeder, which features Trump’s famous blonde quiff and pouty expression, is attached to a string and shifts around under the body of the rodent as it goes in search of the precious nuts within.

The scene might be a perfect metaphor for some of Trump’s more squirrel-brained antics, but the nut-hungry critter is hardly to blame. He just fell victim to a shell game in the murky world of US politics.

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