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25 Jun, 2018 00:41

God is on our side! Maxine Waters calls on restaurants, gas stations to boo Trump admin

God is on our side! Maxine Waters calls on restaurants, gas stations to boo Trump admin

Rep. Maxine Waters says members of the Trump administration should expect harassment at restaurants, gas stations and even their homes for their immigration policy. Several of them have already been confronted at public places.

A Democrat from California and a zealous critic of the US President, Waters excited the crowd at a rally on Saturday with the calls to heckle at the White House team. She said that there should be “no sleep, no peace” for the people who are responsible for the separation of children from their parents that was part of the recent “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

She later repeated her words during the interview with MSNBC.

The president rolled back on the family separation of the illegal immigrants after the nationwide outcry with an executive order on Wednesday. Yet the members of his team have faced cold treatment. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out a restaurant on Friday, and both Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Trump adviser Stephen Miller, thought to be the architect of the policy, were confronted at Mexican restaurants in Washington, DC. Crowds also protested outside Nielsen’s home.

Waters’ statements provoked an array of reactions on Twitter ranging from obvious support to criticism, with some calling her “crazy."

Several netizens saw her speech as inflammatory and said she was “inciting a riot.”

Some even suggested that her edgy rhetoric may be swaying people towards Trump and Republicans.

Waters and Trump have frequently exchanged jabs, with her calling him a liar and bully and the president retorting with “low IQ” remarks. 

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