‘F**k you!’: Trump welcomed to Capitol rotunda with F-bomb (VIDEO)

‘F**k you!’: Trump welcomed to Capitol rotunda with F-bomb (VIDEO)
A woman was heard shouting a popular obscenity at Donald Trump as the US president walked through the Capitol on Tuesday. The potty-mouthed culprit is rumored to be a congressional intern.

In a video posted to Twitter, a woman’s voice is heard shouting “Mr President, f**k you!” seconds before Trump walks through the Capitol rotunda on his way to a meeting on immigration with House Republicans. The woman is not pictured in the video.

Although the woman’s identity remains unknown, evidence suggests that the outburst was the dirty work of an astonishingly bold congressional intern.

The incident even inspired a Twitter poll in which people were asked to speculate on the fate of the misbehaving intern. At the moment of publishing, “Cable news pundit gig” is winning at 50 percent.

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