‘Nobody goes for vegetables’: KFC’s ‘vegetarian chicken’ polarizes opinions (POLL)

‘Nobody goes for vegetables’: KFC’s ‘vegetarian chicken’ polarizes opinions (POLL)
The company’s entire business model rests on the greasy goodness of fried chicken, but American franchise KFC is preparing to ditch the fowl in favor of a vegetarian option.

Recently, the purveyor of “finger lickin’ good” southern fried chicken announced that it is working on a vegetarian-friendly chicken alternative for its meals.

According to KFC, the recipe won’t be ready until next year but the same blend of spices will be used in the deep-fry process.

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“Development of the recipe is still in its very early stages, and so the options we’re exploring in our kitchen are still top secret,” KFC said in a statement. “Once we’ve perfected the recipe, we aim to test with customers this year, and if all goes well, we hope to have a new vegetarian option in 2019.”

The news has unleashed both excitement from vegetable lovers and disdain from fans of the Colonel Sanders original recipe.

But not everyone is positive about the veggie move. “Ever notice there’s no restaurant called Kentucky Fried Vegetable,” one aggrieved Twitter user said, while numerous others also weren’t so sure about the idea.

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