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27 Apr, 2018 13:27

Trump displays shrewd deal-making skills with latest Twitter threat against US partners

Trump displays shrewd deal-making skills with latest Twitter threat against US partners

Donald Trump has wheeled out his signature negotiating tactic – thinly-veiled extortion – in an attempt to drum up support for Washington’s 2026 World Cup bid. The US president's threat-based diplomacy has a spotty track record.

Trump took to Twitter on Friday in an attempt to persuade Washington’s valued partners to support a US bid to host the international football tournament, together with Canada and Mexico. The author of ‘The Art of the Deal’ once again proved himself to be a master of persuasion.

“The US has put together a STRONG bid w/ Canada & Mexico for the 2026 World Cup. It would be a shame if countries that we always support were to lobby against the US bid,” Trump tweeted. “Why should we be supporting these countries when they don’t support us (including at the United Nations)?” he added, flexing his rhetorical extortion skills.

Morocco has also bid to host the event. The African country reportedly has the support of such nations as France – which, if true, may cause irreparable harm to Trump’s “bromance” with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Washington resorted to similar bullying in December, ahead of a UN General Assembly vote admonishing Trump’s decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Before the UN vote, US envoy Nikki Haley sent letters to over 180 countries, warning that Washington would be “taking names” of those who dared to rebuke Trump’s globally-condemned recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The US president even went one step further, hinting that disobedient nations would have their US aid slashed. “Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We don’t care,” he said before the vote.

Unfortunately for Trump and Haley, their nonchalant extortion did not sit well with the vast majority of the world. A total of 128 nations voted in favor of the resolution condemning Washington’s Jerusalem move. However, the eight nations that did vote against the motion were invited to a thank you reception hosted by Haley, as reward for their sycophantic servility. Nations that abstained or were absent for the vote also received invitations to the extremely exclusive event.

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Peppering friends and foes alike with demands and threats has produced predictable results for Washington’s diplomatic efforts on the world stage. According to a State Department report released on Thursday, the UN General Assembly considered 93 draft resolutions last year. However, only in 31 percent of the cases did the majority of General Assembly members vote the same way as the US did – a figure 10 percent lower than in 2016.

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