'We have options': Sarah Sanders sounds like broken record when grilled on Trump's Syria plan

When it comes to Syria, Donald Trump has options. A number of options. And all of those options are on the table. At least that's what White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said over and over again during a single briefing.

After Trump tweeted on Wednesday that Russia should "get ready" for US missiles to be launched at Syria, the American press unsurprisingly had a lot of questions during the daily press briefing with Sanders. "All options are on the table," the press secretary said.

At that point, journalists wanted more. "What does that mean?" they asked. She repeated the same line over and over again, in a style that became increasingly predictable and robotic.

"We have a number of options" and "all options are on the table" were said countless times. Occasionally, Sanders mixed it up by saying something slightly different like, "We're considering all of those options."

At least Sanders seemed to be aware of her repetitiveness. "Like I've said a few times today, all options are on the table," she said with a smile while responding to a journalist's question.

If the message hasn't gotten through, let's sum it up. All options are on the table for US President Donald Trump. All of them.

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