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4 Apr, 2018 18:49

Harvard physicists say they know how and, roughly, when the world will end

Harvard physicists say they know how and, roughly, when the world will end

A new study from Harvard University suggests the world is destined to end in much the same way it began… with a really, really, big bang.

Theories as to how planet Earth will eventually meet its demise have ranged from nuclear war to a catastrophic meteor collision or a slow fade into darkness.

However, according to a recent study by experts at Harvard University, published in the journal Physical Review D, all it will take is a destabilization of the one particle thought to give all matter its mass - Higgs boson.

None of us are expected to make it to the grand finale – some 11 trillion years away, based on the team’s predictions – so you won’t mind if we ruin the ending. Unless, of course, you plan on being one of the lucky reincarnated ones in which case: Spoiler alert.

When that detrimental destabilization happens, the world will explode into a huge evaporating bubble of energy and, evidently, will destroy everything in the universe - yes you did read that right, all wannabe Mars colonizers will be wiped out too.

What is slightly concerning is that the physicists say the process could have already begun. Unless someone or something manages to locate the elusive “God Particle” in our infinite universe we won’t ever know when the end is nigh.

It’s also likely the sun will burn up and various other catastrophic celestial events will take place before we reach that particular doomsday.