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YouTube shooter identified, reportedly slammed video platform for discrimination (VIDEO)

YouTube shooter identified, reportedly slammed video platform for discrimination (VIDEO)
Police have identified the woman behind the YouTube shooting as Nasim Aghdam, 39, of San Diego, California. Footage has emerged which appears to show her criticizing the video sharing platform and accusing it of censorship.

Video from January 2017 has emerged online which appears to show Aghdam criticizing YouTube. Although the woman identifies herself in the video as Nasime Sabz, a law enforcement official told AP that she used that name online and had a long-running dispute with YouTube. Her father, Ismail Aghdam, told the Bay Area News Group that she “hated” the company. He added that she was angry because the company stopped paying her for videos.

In the footage, she complains that her videos no longer received the same number of views they once did, and accuses the site of placing an age restriction on a workout video she made.

“Why they did that? Because it got famous and was getting many views, so they age restricted that video to keep it from getting views,” she said. The woman said she contacted YouTube and was told there was inappropriate content in the exercise video.

A channel by the name of Nasime Sabz was deleted from YouTube. The video is now shared by social media users.

Four people were injured, three with gunshot wounds, and taken to local hospitals after Aghdam opened fire at YouTube’s campus in San Bruno, California. Aghdam was found dead inside the complex. Police believe she committed suicide.

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