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11yo girl arrested for threatening to kill Florida middle school classmates

11yo girl arrested for threatening to kill Florida middle school classmates
An 11-year-old girl has been arrested in Florida for threatening to shoot up her middle school in a note that she slipped under the door of the assistant principal's office.

The sixth-grader at Nova Middle School in Davie, Florida, was arrested Thursday by local police and charged with one count of written threats to kill or do bodily injury, according to CBS Miami.

 The note, released to local media by the police, read “I will bring a gun to school to kill all of you ugly ass kids and teachers bitch. I will bring the gun Feb, 16, 18. BE prepared bitch!”

Police say surveillance video showed the student placing the note under the door. The girl later gave a written confession to the police claiming she was pressured to do so by another classmate.

The classmate allegedly threatened to attack the suspect over a romantic interest if she did not carry out the act. “So to avoid getting in a fight ..., I put the letter under the door,” the girl wrote in her confession.

The girl has been taken to a juvenile assessment center. “This arrest is evident that these types of crimes will be taken serious,” Davie Police Sergeant Mark Leone said.

The incident comes in the wake of Wednesday's mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which left 17 people dead. According to Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, several “copycat” threats have been made since the attack.

Israel told a press conference that these copycat attempts or pranks would be investigated seriously and offenders would be charged accordingly “with the maximum charge we possibly could, for doing something so horrific, so pathetic."

In South Carolina a Broome High School student was arrested for making a copycat threat on Snapchat. The student posted a photo of himself holding what appears to be an assault rifle with the caption"Round 2 of Florida tomorrow." The suspect later told police the post was a joke and he had no intention of hurting anyone.

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