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GoFundMe shuts down bid to crowdfund Charles Manson’s funeral

GoFundMe shuts down bid to crowdfund Charles Manson’s funeral
Crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has removed a page seeking to raise funds to cover the funeral expenses of the late cult leader Charles Manson.

Manson, who had been serving nine consecutive life sentences for mass murder, died in hospital earlier this week of natural causes. The page was set up by someone claiming to be a friend of Manson’s grandson, Jason Freeman, and contained a post calling for donors to help makes sure the remains of Freeman’s grandfather are “laid to rest with honor, respect & dignity he deserves.”

“We will not sit back & let them throw Mr. Manson away like trash. His whole life he lived with the pain of feeling unclaimed,” the post read. “We must not let this happen in death. Together we can help Jason bring his grandfather home & prove to the world Charles WAS LOVED & WILL BE CLAIMED!”

The page raised more than $900 in just 11 hours before being shut down, a sight less than its target sum of $15,000. In a statement to RT.com, GoFundMe confirmed that it had removed the content from its website and refunded the money to those who had donated.

It is not yet clear if the page was created as a crass prank, or if was the work of actual fans and supporters of Manson, who was the cult leader of the so-called 'Manson Family.' Along with his gang, they were involved in a series of nine murders in the summer of 1969. In 1971, he was found guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the deaths of seven people, including that of actress Sharon Tate, then the wife of film director, Roman Polanski.

The 83-year-old died in hospital while in the custody of the California Department of Corrections. His body must be claimed by a family member within 10 days of his death. If not, it could then be made available for scientific study.

Freeman, the only self-identified relative of Manson, told the New York Daily News that he was “going to move towards having a proper burial.” It is unclear if he would be able to find a funeral home or a cemetery willing to handle the controversial remains, however.