Cop presses rifle to head of handcuffed & tasered suspect in alarming bodycam video

Cop presses rifle to head of handcuffed & tasered suspect in alarming bodycam video
A police officer who pressed a muzzled rifle against the head of a handcuffed suspect has resigned after an Internal Affairs investigation found he used “unreasonable force.”

Body camera footage showed Grand Rapids, Michigan police officer Kevin Penn press his rifle against the head of a suspect – who had been tasered and handcuffed on the ground – during his arrest late on the night of August 19.

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On the night in question, police were responding to a report of an armed robbery, and believed the suspect may have been in possession of a handgun. The suspect was tasered by two officers after reportedly failing to comply with their orders.

The Internal Affairs report, obtained by MLive under a Freedom of Information request, found that Penn acted with “unreasonable force” and removed the rifle only after urged to do so by fellow arresting officer James Smith.

"The suspect is moving his head and you can see the muzzle of the rifle actually moving the skin/scalp on the suspect's head, forcing his head down," the Internal Affairs report said.

Bodycam footage from both Penn and Smith show the suspect crying out in pain while lying on the ground after being tasered. “That hurts bro,” said the suspect as Penn tells him a gun is pointed to his head.

Yes it does,” replies Penn.

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The report concluded that officer Penn should have released the pressure of the rifle on the suspect’s head when he complained of pain.

The investigation was launched by Grand Rapids Police Chief David Rahinsky after several police sources alerted Internal Affairs about Penn’s actions, according to MLive. has reached out to the Grand Rapids Police Department for comment on the inquiry.