‘Lies’ in Ohio gender-reveal party shooting: Police say woman wasn’t pregnant

‘Lies’ in Ohio gender-reveal party shooting: Police say woman wasn’t pregnant
Police have been lied to as they investigate the deadly shooting at a gender-reveal party in Cincinnati, Ohio, authorities have said.

The host of the party, who claimed she lost her unborn child after being wounded in the leg, was not pregnant.

On July 8, two men opened fire at a gathering where Cheyanne Willis, 21, was to announce the gender of her unborn child, the police report said.

A woman was killed in the shooting, and eight people, including three children, were injured.

Willis, who was wounded in the leg, initially said she lost her unborn child as a result of the shooting.

“We were led to believe an unborn child was murdered in this incident only to find out that was not the case,” said Colerain Police Department Chief Mark Denney in a statement.

The police police do not have an explanation as to why Willis had a gender-reveal party if she was not pregnant, Denney said, adding, “All we have at this point is speculation.”

“Hours and days have been wasted following leads known to be lies when they were provided to our officers. From the very beginning of this investigation, we have met significant resistance that is uncommon from victims of crime wanting a resolution,” the statement read.

Investigators found an unloaded handgun in the front yard of the house. It is being examined, a police spokesman said. Authorities have not identified the shooters or their motive as yet.