Anti-abortion pol decapitates chicken, cuts its heart out on camera

Anti-abortion pol decapitates chicken, cuts its heart out on camera
Missouri Republican Mike Moon attempted to take a stance against abortion by decapitating a chicken and cutting out its heart live on Facebook.

The graphic footage, posted to Moon’s official social media accounts Monday, shows him decapitate a flailing chicken before cutting its heart out and announcing his intention to file a bill that would end the legalization of abortion in his state.

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Moon took to the video’s comments section to respond to one viewer who called the footage “gross.”

Imagine how gross abortion is,” wrote Moon, before clarifying that he wasn’t making a comparison between unborn children and chickens “but simply [trying] to get a couple of points across to the governor.”

Some people seem to be freaking out about the chicken video... I wonder if they know what an abortion is?” asked Moon, following the reactions to the footage which ranged from praise to calls for his arrest.

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Moon’s message to Missouri Governor Eric Greitens comes weeks after Greitens called lawmakers, who he deemed “career politicians,” back from their summer vacations for a special session to finish their legislative work.

We are fighting to bring more jobs to the people of Missouri,” said Greitens in a statement, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Some career politicians failed to do their jobs and then went home. That’s wrong. We’re canceling their summer vacations and calling a special session to get this done."