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9 Nov, 2016 21:06

‘Not my president’: Protesters rally nationwide upset with Trump victory

‘Not my president’: Protesters rally nationwide upset with Trump victory

From Seattle to Austin to New York, people disappointed with Donald Trump’s victory took to the streets.

In Austin, the capital of Texas, which voted for Trump, crowds marched in the center and on the city’s landmark bridge.

According to local ABC affiliate KVUE, students at the University of Texas also took to the streets to protest against Donald Trump.

Austin Police Department said in a statement on Twitter that the bridge later reopened after protesters moved towards SB Congress at 6th St., an intersection further downtown.

The APD has characterized the protest as “peaceful”.

A crowd of up 200 students marched in impromptu protest through West Seattle’s major avenue, accusing the now president-elect for racism.

Students of West Seattle High School walked out of their classes around 11:00am and headed towards the city’s Jefferson Square, approximately 25 minutes away from the school.

Last night, Hillary Clinton secured a strong victory in Washington, winning the state with 56.3 percent versus 37.8 percent secured by Donald Trump.

However, the results were met with fierce opposition among young people in Seattle. As they marched through California avenue, students chanted anti-Trump slogans, such as “he is a racist” and “he is not my president.”

Some of the students were chanting “make love not walls,” referring to Trump’s idea to build a wall across the US-Mexican border to stop the flow of immigrants.

The ‘Notmypresident’ protests have also been supported by students at the Western Washington University.

Students’ anti-Trump protest have stretched down to the US west coast and beyond, also taking place in California and Arizona.

About 1,500 students at Berkeley High School also walked out of classes before 9:00am in protest of Trump’s victory, an official said according to the LA Times.

In Phoenix, Arizona, where Trump secured 50 percent of the vote versus Clinton’s 45 percent, hundreds of students united in protest against his victory.

They made their way through Downtown Austin, reportedly temporarily blocking the First Street bridge. 

Across the country, in Boston, anti-Trump protesters gathered outside the State House, holding banners and chanting slogans against the president-elect.

The protest, which is scheduled for 7:00pm, is expected to gain momentum later on Wednesday evening. On Facebook, where a public event was posted earlier, over 5,000 people said they would attend.