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20 Oct, 2016 01:10

Jill Stein offers third party perspective on final debate

Jill Stein offers third party perspective on final debate

The final debate of the 2016 Presidential Election was a terse one, with more jabs than a UFC event. While the debate only featured the two mainstream candidates, Jill Stein used Facebook Live to communicate the Green Party’s goals for the country and politics.

While the mainstream debates mostly focused on which candidate is more corrupt politically and morally, Jill Stein’s Facebook Live event drew 12,500 viewers who were excited to hear of an alternative to the two-party system. Leaving Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to mudsling and name-call, Stein wanted to focus on the need for a three-party system and offering alternatives to the corporate-backed political system.

  • 20 October 2016

    02:38 GMT

    Stein touted her lack of experience in politics as a strength, saying “As an ordinary citizen, as an organizer, I worked with many citizen groups to pass campaign finance reform."

    On Trump's allegations that the election is rigged, Stein said “Let’s just look at this debate and this example, this is a rigged debate.

    Stein called the candidates “two creatures” and said we need to “unrig our political system.” Stein also said that the 5 percent was so close it was “tantalizing.”

  • 02:20 GMT

    What a shameful reflection on what our political system has come to that so much time has been spent on who’s a bigger crook and whose foundation is a scam.

    Stein said “the mingling of the economic and the political elite” has compromised the Democratic system.

  • 02:12 GMT

    "I sort of feel like this is not a good use of your time, this is not what your election should be about. This is a slap in the face to the American sensibilities and voters."
    Stein said, referring to the "scumbag misogyny of one of the candidates."

    Stein affirmed the need to support women, saying "I do want to affirm that yes, the abuse of women is a very common problem. One out of three women is abused or harassed."

    She went on to say, "This is a very serious issue and we must be sure that there are economic opportunities for women across the board so that women are not forced into dependent relationships."

  • 02:09 GMT

    On the economy, Stein said “Let’s remember where this Wall Street crash came from.” She went on to say it came from deregulation from the Democrats she claimed and emphasized the need to have a president that is not a friend of Wall Street.

    Hillary Clinton in particular must speak to Democrats and encourage them not to vote for this plan that is “an utter coup” that puts a World Bank appointed tribunal in charge of our healthcare, labor rights and many others.
    "Donald and Hillary, if you are really against the Trans Pacific Partnership, stand up against the lame duck passage."

  • 02:01 GMT

    We call for a New Deal like what got us out of the Great Depression, but in this case it would be a Green New Deal.”

    Stein explained that it would revive the economy, turn the tide on climate change and eliminate the need for fossil fuel inspired wars.

  • 02:00 GMT

    "While Donald Trump in theory opposes the trade deals that send jobs overseas, what does he do?" She said of Trump’s products being manufactured overseas. She also criticized him for recent sex scandals and Trump University.

    She handled Clinton the same, bringing up Clinton’s speech where she emphasized the need for both a public and private position.

  • 01:39 GMT

    "Let’s just recall that we are now at the most dangerous moment in the most of humanity," Stein said of the current nuclear threat.

    "The former head of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, has said this is the most dangerous situation he has seen in his lifetime."

    Stein also encouraged viewers to "really pay attention to what your body is telling you about these candidates.” Stein also assured her audience that the Green Party "has the numbers," despite only polling at 2 percent.

  • 01:25 GMT

    "I certainly support continuing Roe v Wade and supporting a woman’s right to determining her reproductive future."

    She also supported overturning the Hyde Amendment which, according to Stein, allows poor and low-income women to have abortions as well.

  • 01:25 GMT

    On immigration, Jill Stein criticized both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's policies saying "It’s clear that Donald Trump’s vision of a war – of a wall, which isn’t  much different than his vision of a war, is catastrophic."

    However, she focused on the need to prevent the immigration crisis by no longer causing it, saying 

    "Donald Trump is right, the Democratic administration has in fact deported about 3 million people, separated hundreds of thousands of families, incarcerated them in these abhorrent, outrageous prisons.

    Let me also say that what we really need to do here is ensure that people don’t have to come to these countries as refugees because we’ve been undermining their economy or government."

    She added, "We know that Hillary has long supported a fence, Donald supports a wall. Borders do not close unless you also close off trade, you close off rivers… it just doesn’t happen. Borders are porous things."

  • 01:17 GMT

    "We very urgently need common sense gun control, nearly 100 people die every day. Americans agree that we should have background checks, that we should close the gunshow loophole, that we should get semi-automatic weapons off the streets," Stein said on the issue of gun control.

    Stein called for an end to the legal immunity for gun manufacturers, saying they should be held as accountable as auto manufacturers are for faulty cars.