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9 Oct, 2016 18:17

Bill Clinton heckled as a ‘rapist’ during Hillary campaign event (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton heckled as a ‘rapist’ during Hillary campaign event (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton was heckled by an audience member calling him a “rapist” during a campaign rally for Hillary in Milwaukee. The protest is the latest in a growing string of similar outbursts against the former US president.

Clinton was discussing the Republican Party candidate Donald Trump’s controversial position on global warming during a rally on Saturday when the outburst was recorded.

Clinton opened a sentence by saying, “No one can dispute the fact,” to which a protester intercepted, “That you’re a rapist!” This was followed by another protester who chimed in, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!

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The moment was captured on Today’s TMJ4 Facebook Live broadcast of the event.

Just three days prior to Saturday’s outburst, another protester holding a T-shirt with the message, “Bill Clinton is a rapist” was escorted from a campaign rally in Canton, Ohio.

The wave of hecklers undertaking the “brave effort to expose the Clintons” was apparently “inspired” by Infowars, a right-wing news outlet operated by radio host Alex Jones, who’s incentivizing televised protests against Clinton by offering successful hecklers up to $5,000.

The competition rules state the protesters must get Infowars’ official “Bill Clinton rape” T-shirt onto US national television for at least five seconds to win $1,000 and must be heard to say “Bill Clinton is a rapist” for the $5,000 prize.

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The Today Show, MSNBC and Fox & Friends, have all been successful targets so far and there’s still 30 days to go before Election Day, so who knows what the final payout could reach.