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5 Oct, 2016 16:15

Clinton Foundation files three years of missing tax forms

Clinton Foundation files three years of missing tax forms

The Clinton Foundation refiled three years of tax forms after it emerged that the charity failed to disclose all of its donors.

Both the Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and Clinton Healthcare Access Initiative (CHAI) re-filed financial statements on Tuesday.

Foundation officials told CNN that the charity may not have filed “certain supplementary financial information” for three years.

The large charity has 10 offshoots, the largest of which is CHAI, which files its own financial statements in New York.

The news comes a day after New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ordered the Trump Foundation to cease soliciting donations as it had failed to register as a charity, which followed revelations that Donald Trump may have avoided paying taxes for up to 18 years.

While Clinton was quick to blast her rival on his tax returns, Republicans are likely to jump on her foundation’s own apparent tax omissions.

"It has come to our attention that the copies of the Clinton Foundation's consolidated audit reports filed with the Charities Bureau from 2012-2014 may not have included certain supplementary financial information related to affiliates of the Foundation,"said foundation officials.

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Missing from the filings are details of foreign donors to these affiliate arms of the foundation.

Clinton has been criticized for failing to disclose details of foreign donors in the past, in violation of the memorandum of understanding she signed upon entering the State Department as secretary of state. In it, she agreed that the foundation would disclose any new foreign donors with the White House, but failed to do so in many cases.

The CHAI also admitted it had failed to uphold the memorandum throughout Clinton’s entire term as secretary of state. New foreign governments which donated during this time included Rwanda and Papua New Guinea.

The foundation claims it is “not yet certain” if this information is required, but is exercising caution in refilling. It says they hadn’t received instruction to do so.

The New York attorney general’s office acknowledged some of the statements were missing on Tuesday, claiming this was due to a merger between the foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, a global conference hosted by Bill Clinton since 2005.

"The Clinton Foundation was required to file these statements for CGI in 2012, prior to CGI's merger with the Clinton Foundation in 2013," a spokesman told CNN. "Today, the Clinton Foundation filed supplementary Statements of Financial Position and Activities for CHAI for 2012-14 and the requisite supplementary Statements for CGI for 2012."

Schneiderman, a Clinton supporter and donor, has been accused of bias in his crackdown on Trump’s charity when compared to his lenience with the Clintons’ charities. Schneiderman also sits on Clinton’s New York leadership council, the role of which includes “amplifying the campaign’s national voice” and “aiding the campaign.”

The Clinton Foundation has been dogged with accusations of pay for play with wealthy governments and companies throughout the presidential elections.

Last November, the foundation’s CHAI re-submitted its 2012 and 2013 tax returns following reports that it had omitted millions in foreign contributions.

The foundation first said it would not fix the returns but there was a later change of mind following media pressure.

In April 2015 it refiled a number of tax returns after Reuters discovered  errors in its reporting of donations from foreign governments.

The foundation claimed it had received zero in government funds for three years, but later claimed this had been done in error.