Outlaw cow refuses to be taken alive – coppers!

Outlaw cow refuses to be taken alive – coppers!
A cow in Longview, Washington got loose and wished to stay that way, even in the face of death. When its owner and a police officer tried to rein it in, the animal charged, hitting the officer in the chest. Not even a Taser could break the bovine’s spirit.

A police officer has fallen in the line of duty – literally. He’s not dead; he just got knocked down by a cow.

The Longview policeman was merely trying to “regain control of the animal” when he was ruthlessly attacked, KOIN reported. Unfortunately for the officer, this cow preferred the taste of freedom to the thought of ending up as a tasty burger.

The officer, along with the cow’s owner and a Humane Society employee, all attempted to corral the rambunctious beast, but their efforts were for naught. As they were trying to control the animal, it charged its owner. When that didn’t work, it went after the police officer, ramming him in the chest.

The officer is fine; however he will be out of commission for a few weeks as a result of the injuries sustained by the cow’s large head. One can only imagine how the call to his insurance representative went.

Unfortunately, our rebel bovine met its end while resisting arrest. With the owner’s permission, the cow was “put down by officers.” Meaning shot.

Rest in peace, unnamed cow.