Divine voice behind Clinton: Morgan Freeman steals spotlight at DNC

Actor Morgan Freeman © Carlo Allegri
The last night of the Democratic National Convention was meant to highlight the accomplishments of Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton, but Morgan Freeman managed to steal the show without even being in the room.

Morgan Freeman has done everything from narrating a movie about penguins to playing a paralyzed detective and God himself, but on Thursday night he added another notch to his belt: narrating the introduction video of the first female presidential candidate, which was directed by Scandal showrunner Shonda Rhimes.

The beloved actor’s absence was noted by some. According to his official Facebook page, he has returned to directing the TV show – wait for it – Madame Secretary.

Hearing Freeman’s deep voice in the convention set off an avalanche of emotions and social media responses. A significant portion of social media was simply delighted to hear his smooth, rich voice.

Some were even happier, believing that this signifies Freeman’s endorsement of Clinton.

For others, his mere involvement in the campaign was an insult and ruined the actor forever.

Not to mention – many were fascinated by hearing God from Evan Almighty at the DNC.