Philly PD clears up Camelidae confusion at DNC protest: It’s an alpaca

© PPDSteveClark
The Philadelphia Police Department has officially identified the member of the Camelidae family on the lam near the Democratic National Convention in Pennsylvania. The suspect is not a llama, but an alpaca.

It is unclear whether witnesses originally described the suspect as a llama ‒ or even a dromedary or Bactrian camel ‒ but officers cleared up the confusion in a police report.

While the Philly PD hasn’t issued a BOLO (law enforcement’s acronym for “be on the lookout”) for the alpaca, many protesters have kept the department well apprised of the animal’s location.

The alpaca, named Shay, has been spotted daily at protests outside the DNC.

Shay is a Sanders supporter.

No word on whether officers had to get within spitting distance to be sure it was an alpaca, but at least one did…

The Philly PD would like crooks and camels alike that they always get their man.