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22 Jul, 2016 04:22

Alex Jones storms Young Turks show, nearly gets into fight on air (VIDEO)

Alex Jones storms Young Turks show, nearly gets into fight on air (VIDEO)

After scuffling with anti-Trump protesters, right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones nearly came to blows with the anchor of left-wing show 'The Young Turks' after he charged into their live coverage of the GOP convention.

Jones interrupted The Young Turks mid-sentence, challenging its host, Cenk Uygur, about his support for Hillary Clinton. The conversation quickly descended into chaos as hardcore GOP consultant Roger Stone joined the fray. 

Having reached his limit, Uygur confronted Stone over his comments from the background, calling him a “sick man” and "the biggest liar in media." The two then nearly entered into a scuffle.

Jones took to his website, Infowars, telling his side of the story. In his version of events, Uygur “went into an emotional breakdown after being challenged to a debate.” However, Jones’ story failed to mention that he was the one to interrupt TheYoung Turks’ live stream, setting the events in motion. 

Later, Jones Tweeted that videos shared by Infowars were removed from YouTube. 

As the Jones-Uygur encounter started gaining attention, people turned to Twitter to show support for The Young Turks.

Uygur has been making headlines with his vocal criticism of Donald Trump. Speaking to RT’s Watching the Hawks show, he again lambasted Trump for the lack of “policy positions.”

“The only thing he cares about is Donald Trump. That’s his only policy position: Trump, Trump, Trump,” Uygur said, adding that GOP supporters do not have interest for policies either.

“We have always been told that Republicans care about free trade and supporting the bankers, and all this different things. Trump just came and ripped that up and they are like ‘Yeah, you are right, we never cared about that.’ The only [thing] we care about is anger and fear. That they have got plenty of supply here at the convention,” he said.