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22 Jul, 2016 00:06

Some RNC protesters have all the fun

Some RNC protesters have all the fun

As the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio winds down, so do the protests outside the arena. While some demonstrations featured arrests or scuffles, others offered a more lighthearted take on politics in America today.

Many of the marches and rallies featured the same groups over and over. And conflicting groups often ended up in the same location, forcing law enforcement to try and keep them apart as well as prevent tempers from rising to match the scorching temperatures.

One journalist managed to succinctly sum up what every protest looked like:

Some people were there for the party atmosphere or to show off their wit.

For others, Halloween came early.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, of Conan O’Brien fame, led an anti-Westboro Baptist Church protest. But the foul-mouthed puppet was far from the only celebrity to wander the streets of Cleveland.

Real animals arrived on the scene too.

Whenever the family values party gets together, sex and love can’t be far behind.

While protesters were allowed by state law to openly carry firearms, tennis balls were strictly verboten, something Code Pink quickly took issue with. The anti-war group found plenty of other things to demonstrate against as well.

Some protesters got weird, or even downright scary.

Others showed off their artistic sides, either with props or performances.

And, at least for a while, protesters could escape the heat inside the Trump Hut. Alas, the toupee-styled yurt has headed to Brooklyn.