Drunk driver’s car bursts into flames after hitting electricity pole in Texas (VIDEO)

Drunk driver’s car bursts into flames after hitting electricity pole in Texas (VIDEO)
A drunk driver narrowly escaped death when he crashed into a pole in Lubbock, Texas on Friday, causing a big explosion.

Police were called to investigate reports of an unconscious driver in a car in the middle of the road early on Friday morning. They found the driver, 18-year-old D’Morea Robinson, slumped over and apparently unconscious, with blood on his face and clothes, Fox34 reports.

The police officer’s bodycam captures his attempts to open the car and wake the driver. After failing to get a response, the officer used a baton to try to break the car window, waking the driver – who panicked, took off, and ran a red light at high speed before veering off the road and crashing into an electricity pole.

A loud explosion can be heard as parts of the car ignite on impact and sparks fly from the electrical cable.

A second camera from inside the police patrol car captures the explosion as the officers speed to scene of the crash. One person can be heard off-camera calling out, “Don’t touch the car!” as smoke billows from the vehicle.

Robinson managed to escape the flaming vehicle and, according to witness reports, was even able to resist arrest.

One witness, Randy Watson, was mowing his lawn when he heard what he thought was a gunshot. He walked to the crash site and saw police struggling with Robinson. “He fought ’em pretty hard, and they finally got him on the ground and handcuffed him,” Watson told Lubbock Avalanche Journal. “As they stood around him, I heard one yell, ‘You almost died.’”

Emergency personnel had to wait for the live wire from the pole to be cleared before they could extinguish the blaze.

Robinson was taken to the hospital before being detained for driving while intoxicated.