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1 Jul, 2016 17:50

Guccifer 2.0 reveals Clinton expenses, clues on identity & slams presidential hopefuls

Guccifer 2.0 reveals Clinton expenses, clues on identity & slams presidential hopefuls

Releasing a new batch of documents from the Democratic National Committee, hacker Guccifer 2.0 mocked allegations he works for the Kremlin, praised Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning and dismissed all the US presidential contenders.

The hacker revealed he is male, from somewhere in Eastern Europe, and denied working for the Russian government.

The new documents reveal conversations about the Clinton Foundation and attacks it suffered in the media. One document details various attacks on Clinton by Republicans via Twitter on topics such as the Clinton Foundation, healthcare, Iran, the military and coal - with links to the tweets in question.

Details of the Clinton Foundation’s donations are also featured, along with documents arguing that there is “nothing unusual about presidential libraries and foundations receiving contributions from foreign governments.” The document lists donations to other presidential libraries including Ronald Reagan and George W Bush.

Emails from March 2015, a month before Clinton announced her presidential bid, detail talking points to “defend the good work of the Foundation.”

One 313-page document focuses on foreign policy arguments, using research from debates between Obama and Mitt Romney and covers all angles of foreign policy, from counter points to attacks on Romney.

Another document details donations from PACs and contact details of PAC lobbyists.

There is also a document revealing Clinton’s travel on private jets and who paid for them - big banks feature frequently in this document.

This is the third release by Guccifer 2.0. The first came on June 15, and revealed DNC opposition research on Donald Trump along with a list of famous donors to the Democratic Party and a strategy to use the mainstream media to amplify Clinton’s selling points through reporter outreach.

The second featured past attacks on Clinton by 2016 Republican presidential candidates and arguments to counter them.

The greatest revelation in his previous leaks was evidence that the DNC had been pushing for Clinton to be the candidate before she even announced her run, confirming accusations that the DNC has been biased towards Clinton from the beginning.

This has led to a lawsuit being filed by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ supporters, who accuse the DNC of fraud, negligent misrepresentation and breach of fiduciary duty over its favoring of Clinton and its claims of impartiality.

Guccifer gave more details about his ability to access the DNC’s server, which he claims he was inside for more than a year before he was finally blocked in June after the system was rebooted.

“The DNC had NGP VAN software installed on their system so I used the 0-day exploit and then deployed my backdoor.” he explained. “The DNC used Windows on their server, so it made my work much easier. I installed my Trojan like virus on their PCs. I just modified the platform that I bought on the hacking forums for about $1.5k”.

He dismissed claims made by Crowdstrike, the cybersecurity company hired to investigate the DNC hack, which concluded it had been the work of the Russian government. He claims the ‘Russian government’ narrative is a way for the DNC’s cybersecurity company to “justify their incompetence and failure. It’s much easier for them to accuse powerful foreign special services.”

Guccifer said he has passed documents on to Wikileaks, who has announced it will release more Clinton emails and that it has enough to indict the former secretary of state.

Guccifer claims he is not afraid of being caught by the FBI, claiming he has taken precautions and “it it won’t be that easy to catch me.”

Explaining his targeting of the DNC, Guccifer said “the US election race is one of the most exciting events that attracts people from all over the world.”

The hacker revealed he has no sympathy for any of the presidential candidates, and believes “each of them has skeletons in the closet and I think people have the right to know the truth about the politicians.”

Guccifer described Clinton as a “slave of moguls, she is bought and sold,” and accused her and the DNC of turning the primaries “into a farce.”

While he described Trump as being sincere in what he says, he disagrees with his ideas about closing borders and deportations, describing it as “nonsense, absolute bullsh*t.”

Responding to a question about who inspires him, Guccifer pointed to Assange, Snowden and Manning as “the heroes of the computer age.” Marcel Lazar, the original Guccifer hacker, was another hero of his.