Terrorists plan attacks on shopping malls, areas favored by Americans in S. Africa – US embassy

A South African police car is parked 11 September 2001 in front of the United States embassy in Pretoria © Nerrisa Korb
The US government has information of a possible terrorist attack against American citizens, which a terrorist group plans to commit in South Africa, the US diplomatic mission in the country warned.

The diplomats said people should keep away from shopping areas and malls in Johannesburg and Cape Town to stay on the safe side.

The tip comes “against the backdrop” of Islamic State call for global attacks against Americans during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, the statement said.

Commenting on the US warning, South Africa’s Foreign Ministry said that the country’s security agencies are capable of protecting the people from terrorists.

"The state security agency and other security agencies in this country are very much capable of keeping South Africa safe. The security of this country is as good as it always has been," doplomatic spokesman Clayson Monyela said.