Dead man found at Apple HQ in California

Dead man found at Apple HQ in California
California police have launched an investigation following the discovery of a dead man at Apple’s headquarters in California.

While information is still only emerging, it’s understood the body is that of an Apple employee and was discovered in a conference room on Apple's Cupertino campus on Wednesday morning, KTVU reported.

Santa Clara County Sheriff department were alerted to 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, at around 8:35am with the man having suffered a head wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sheriff Sgt. Andrea Urena did not confirm the reports that the death was suicide, but said they are not looking for a suspect, according to local media.

"Through further investigation they [the police] determined that there were no other individuals involved and they believe it was an isolated incident, and that there's nobody else on the campus or in the public that is at risk,” Urena told the East Bay Times.

There had been conflicting reports over whether the body was that of a man or woman as audio of the supposed police dispatch call placed in relation to the incident this morning stated that the person was a “female employee,” that she “possibly has a gun” and that it was a "possible suicide."

"We’re not really sure if there’s multiple people involved," the voice on the police scanner says.

The incident occurred only a day after Apple’s saw its first decline in revenue in 13 years.