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New York primary

New York primary
They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. While only two presidential candidates will "make it" at the end of today's primary, a close race will mean more delegates for all five. Follow the day’s happenings and results here.

With 95 delegates up for grabs on the Republican side, and 247 delegates plus 44 super-delegates on the Democratic side, New York stands to either solidify or completely rearrange the presidential primary process.

How the delegate distribution works

The GOP has a bit more complicated process than the Democrats in New York. Of the Republicans' 95 delegates, three automatically go to the overall winner, while 11 are at-large and 81 are awarded based on results in each congressional district. If the winner earns over 50 percent of the vote, then he will take all of the at-large delegates as well. From there, it is conceivable that New York could end in a winner-take-all scenario, especially with Donald Trump polling far ahead of Ted Cruz and John Kasich. It's also important to note that scoring less than 20 percent of the vote wins nothing.

For Democrats, their delegates will be distributed proportionally across the state as well as in congressional districts.

01:56 GMT

  • 20 April 2016

    08:33 GMT

    An entire block of Clinton Hill residents found out they were deleted from the voter's registration list after several showed up to vote. They were allowed to vote after they completed an affidavit.

  • 08:14 GMT

    Don't celebrate too hard Clinton supporters, a beer at her headquarter's party will cost you $10. 

    Over at Trump Tower supporters are at least being awarded with free ice-cream.

  • 07:28 GMT

    Sanders sets his mind on next weeks primaries while Clinton celebrates

  • 07:22 GMT

  • 02:20 GMT

    "In this campaign, we've won in every region of this country... but this one's personal," said Hillary Clinton. Adding, "New Yorkers, you've always had my back and I've always tried to have yours."

    "We've seen it's not enough to diagnose problems, you have to explain how to solve problems," she also said.

  • 01:51 GMT

    The Empire State building turned red after Trump's win.

    And blue for Hillary.

  • 01:47 GMT

    Hillary Clinton wins New York State.

  • 01:34 GMT

    "We don't have much of a race anymore based on what I'm seeing at the moment. Senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated... We have won millions of more votes than Senator close and millions and millions more votes than Kasich." - Trump after NY win, adding, "It's really nice to win the delegates and the vote."

  • 01:06 GMT

    Hillary is currently leading the Democratic primaries.

  • 01:01 GMT

    New York has been called for Donald Trump by the AP, CNN.