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‘GOP hit man’ Roger Stone AWOL after CNN bans him for racist tweets

‘GOP hit man’ Roger Stone AWOL after CNN bans him for racist tweets
Opposition researcher and Republican consultant Roger Stone failed to show up for two Fox News Channel interviews this week following CNN’s decision to ban him from the 24-hour network.

Stone recently tweeted a number of sexist and racist tweets about CNN contributors which were compiled along with some of his older classics by Media Matters and other outlets.

African-American contributor Roland Martin was called a “stupid negro” and a “token buffoon” on RogerJStoneJr’s Twitter page.

The self-professed GOP hitman also tweeted Anna Navarro is “borderline retarded”, “dumber than dogsh*t”, an “Entitled Diva Bitch”, and a “rabid pekinese” - and then said “make-up people at CNN ‘hate’ her”.

He previously called both Navarro and Martin “quota hires”.

Stone has been a guest on CNN more than seven times in the past month, due to his relationship with Donald Trump. The network said, "He will no longer appear as a CNN guest."

Stone worked for Trump's campaign until August, with both sides disputing who cut ties.

He than started a pro-Trump PAC in December, Committee to Restore America’s Greatness, aimed at attacking his Republican competitors.

He is now organizing against Hillary Clinton with a Rape Accountability Project for Education PAC, which aims to give voice to the women that allege they were sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton and silenced by pressure from the Clintons. This will come about should Hillary win the Democratic nomination.

He has a new book out about the Clintons, The Clintons’ War on Women.

Media Matters, which is tracking Stone’s comments, is run by long-time Clinton supporter and super PAC organizer David Brock.

Stone told Politico, "I am politically incorrect, but it appears CNN is bowing to pressure from the Clinton apparatus, not very appropriate for an supposedly unbiased news network."

Fox scheduled Stone on two programs this week following CNN’s announcement - The Kelly File on February 22 and Hannity on February 23.

On Tuesday, Media Matters also collected a number of Stone’s past comments about Fox hosts, including Megyn Kelly’s “nice set of cans”, telling paralyzed Charles Krauthammer to “stand the fuck up”, and calling Allen West an “arrogant know-it-all n****”.

These comments are not new, so it isn’t clear why Stone did not appear as scheduled on Fox.

Stone has a long history of relationships with the political elite. He was a confidant of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and has a large tattoo of Nixon’s face on his back.