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Grandparents turn teen in after seeing him on CCTV

Grandparents turn teen in after seeing him on CCTV
An Indianapolis teen who failed to “get his life right” was handed over to police by his own grandparents after they spotted him on surveillance footage released by authorities to track down a group of youngsters carrying out thefts in the area.

Charles Floyd and his wife recognized their grandson in a video showing a gas station being ransacked by a group who stole candy and other items, stuffing them into bags.

Surveillance Footage

INDIANAPOLIS – Detectives have arrested 18-year-old Jonathan Ratcliff in connection with a series of brazen shoplifting cases at several Westside Phillip 66 gas stations. It is alleged that several suspects entered several different gas stations and ransacked the businesses as they stuffed bags with stolen merchandise. These brazen suspects just did not care and came with the sole intent of causing mayhem. Detectives released surveillance footage, to the public, of the suspects entering a Phillip 66 with a mob type mentality and stealing. A mother who saw her son in public images decided to do the right thing and surrender him to authorities. Once in custody, the suspect provided detectives enough evidence to arrest and preliminarily charge him with Theft. To the remaining suspects, IMPD encourages you to turn yourself(s) in. Anyone with information about these incidents is urged to call Crime Stoppers of Indiana at (317) 262-TIPS.

Posted by IMPD News on Friday, 19 February 2016

The video was released on Thursday by the Metropolitan Police Department who were looking for information on a group carrying out raids on gas stations in the area. Police described the group as having a “mob-style mentality.”

“It’s like 500 to 600 dollars each time you know. There’s seven kids and they keep doing it. They never stop,” said the store owner.

Reports originally said it was the parents who turned Jonathan Radcliff in, but it was the grandparents, who said they had warned him about his behaviour and knew he had done this before.

The Floyds decided on a tough love approach to teach Radcliff a lesson.

“He could have made it right the first time and let it alone but that’s not what he chose to do, so this is what I chose to do, this is what we chose to do,” Charles Floyd said. “After the warnings we gave him and everything, can’t say I would even appear in court.”

The grandparents drove him to the police station where he gave a statement and admitted to being involved in a number of the thefts.