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1 Feb, 2016 13:42

150,000 homes without power, gusts up to 115mph as El Nino storm hits US southwest

150,000 homes without power, gusts up to 115mph as El Nino storm hits US southwest

Over 150,000 US households were left without electricity as gusts of an El Nino-driven storm downed trees and power poles is Southern California. Gusts of wind up to 115mph were recorded, with locals taking to social media to share the aftermath.

The storm, accompanied by heavy rain, hit the west coast, causing massive outages and flooding on Sunday night. 

In addition to fierce gusts of wind, California is facing heavy downpours, low-elevation snow and thunderstorms, with counties Los Angeles and San Diego hit hardest.

A fallen tree measuring 8 feet in diameter killed a driver in the Pacific Beach area and crushed three empty parked cars.

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Locals reacted to the weather phenomenon by posting pics and videos of rain, blackouts, fallen trees and other El Nino experiences on social networks.

This makes for a fun evening ... #apocalypse #blackOut #elNino2016

A photo posted by Winnie! (@sparkly925) on

The storm is expected to reach Michigan and Iowa on Monday night or Tuesday, bringing blizzards to these states by Groundhog Day, local meteorologists report.

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