‘The Donald’ gets gangster treatment with comic’s Cockney Trump voiceover (VIDEO)

The voice actor previously gave Trump a sophisticated British accent. © David Moir
Donald Trump channels his inner Jason Statham in this new video from Peter Serafinowicz. The voice actor gives Trump a Cockney accent native to the East End of London that wouldn’t be out of place in a Guy Ritchie film.

The British actor, comedian and voice artist used his talent to dub a speech from the GOP presidential hopeful in which Trump talks about “beating” the other candidates, in a video named “Donald Thump.”

Serafinowicz already entertained us last month when he dubbed Trump with a sophisticated English accent. Close your eyes, and he could be Benedict Cumberbatch.

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In the new video, Serafinowicz draws inspiration from British gangster films, with tough-talking East Enders encapsulating Trump’s bullish demeanor perfectly.

Trump’s claim that if he “hits Bernie Sanders too hard he’ll go down” carries a lot more weight and believability with the accent. “I could hit him so hard he would, drop. He would drop.”

Keep the voice, and we’ll believe you.