Teeth on forehead? Deformed mountain lion baffles Idaho wildlife officials

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A mountain lion with a bizarre deformity has left Idaho wildlife officials baffled. The cougar, who was legally shot last week, had a set of fully-formed teeth and what appeared to be whiskers, growing out of the left side of its forehead.

On Friday, Idaho Fish and Game said the abnormality may possibly be a result of a conjoined twin that died in the womb, or a teratoma tumor.

Biologists from the southeast region said they “have never seen anything like this particular deformity before”.

A hunter went in pursuit of the animal after witnessing the mountain lion attack a dog in the Weston area on December 30.

With the help of hounds, the big cat was tracked down and killed within three hours. The dog survived the attack, according to the department.

In winter, mountain lions can follow their prey who move downhill, often towards rural areas and into warmer temperatures. Sometimes causing a conflict between the cats and livestock or pets.

In general, only one mountain lion can be harvested by a hunter in any given year, said the department.

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