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7 Nov, 2015 18:33

Train derails in Wisconsin: 32 cars off track, voluntary evacuation announced

Train derails in Wisconsin: 32 cars off track, voluntary evacuation announced

At least 32 cars have derailed near Alma, Wisconsin, with some tankers containing denatured alcohol, according to the sheriff’s office. A voluntary evacuation has been announced.

Emergency crews have arrived at the scene of the derailment near the town of Alma, located along the Mississippi River, about 80 miles south east of Minneapolis.

The cause of the accident is not yet clear. There have been no reports of injuries. The derailment has prompted several road closures, according to the Buffalo County sheriff’s office.

BNSF Railway said that there have been no reports of fire or smoke.

Fox9 news reported that the tankers contained oil. AP cited the  BNSF Railway statement saying that the derailed cars included empty auto racks and tanker cars of denatured alcohol.

At about 8:45 CST this morning a train derailed approximately two miles north of Alma, WI,” the BNSF Railway said in a statement.

Photos from the scene show several cars turned upside down near the bank of the Mississippi river.

In July, more than 5,000 people in eastern Tennessee were evacuated after a freight train carrying “highly flammable and toxic gas” derailed and caught fire. Several firefighters were injured while battling that blaze.

another picture of Alma Train Derailment

Posted by WRDN 1430 on 7 ноября 2015 г.