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4 Nov, 2015 16:05

Shots reported fired near Chattanooga Naval Center

Shots reported fired near Chattanooga Naval Center

Police are responding to reports of shots fired near the Navy & Marine Reserve Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The same recruitment center was the site of a shooting on July 16, where six people died.

Two 911 calls were made around 10:25 a.m., one placed from the nearby Chattanooga State Community College. The college was locked down as a precaution. There were no reports of anyone seeing a shooter on campus.

“ChSCC Tiger Alert Main Campus: Lockdown remains. Stay out of hallways or outside. Remain in rooms or office. Off-campus shooting confirmed,” an alert on the college’s website reads.

About 30 officers are reported to be on the scene and conducting a search of the recruitment center, and police say that the building is secure, according to the Times Free Press.

Despite the college website saying that a shooting was confirmed, Chattanooga Police Department Chief Fred Fletcher told WRCB-TV that there is "No indication of an active shooter."

“We are going to search everything we need to feel comfortable that there is not a threat to our community – that’s why you see so many of these cars,” Fletcher told WCRB-TV. “Many things can sound like a gunshot: a backfiring boat motor, somebody shooting off a shotgun on the river, legally or illegally hunting.”

The Naval & Marine Reserve Center was the site of the July 16 shooting where Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez killed five US service members and himself.