4-day manhunt: Fox Lake police continue search for cop killers

4-day manhunt: Fox Lake police continue search for cop killers
The manhunt for the three suspects believed to be responsible for the death of Illinois police officer Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz has entered the second day. So far, the more than 24-hour operation has yielded no results.

32-year veteran of the Fox Lake Police Department, Gliniewicz was shot while on duty around 8 a.m. local time on Tuesday. The officer was pursuing three suspects – two white men and a black man – described as suspicious. They were also considered to be armed and dangerous.

Gliniewicz died at the scene. He was the father of four boys.

Helicopters were dispatched to give assistance to around 100 officers early on Wednesday. About 48 police dogs are also aiding in the search. The manhunt involves the FBI, US Marshals and SWAT teams. Residents have been urged to stay indoors.

  • 04 September 2015

    17:54 GMT

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    Police are not ready to give a description of the shooters, but confirm that they are still believed to be two white men and a black man, Filenko says.

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    Investigators feel “optimistic” because the videos that have been received as they are coming “in chronological” order, Commissioner George Filenko told the press. He said additional video footage of the area has been recovered and that it includes images of people that police are interested in talking to.

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    A $50,000 reward has been offered for any tip that leads to the apprehension and conviction of the Fox Lake cop killers, police said at a Friday press briefing.

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  • 03 September 2015

    18:09 GMT

    It is likely that Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz will be buried on Monday, but the date remains unconfirmed.

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    Investigators are “moving forward”, Filenko said, adding that they are “getting an influx of significant leads.”