Calling dopey dealers: Kentucky sheriff's office will ‘help eliminate your drug competition’

Calling dopey dealers: Kentucky sheriff's office will ‘help eliminate your drug competition’
A Kentucky sheriff’s office decided to make the most of criminals’ potential stupidity by offering, only half-jokingly, “to help you eliminate your drug competition!” The flyer features a marijuana leaf, but the police say they’re not kidding around.

The ad posted on the office’s Facebook page contains the following message:
“Attention drug dealers. Is your drug dealing competition costing you money? We offer a free service to help you eliminate your drug competition.”

All the lucky dealer has to do is fill in a couple of lines on the flyer, such as personal information, address, hours most active and so on.

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Posted by Franklin County Sheriff on Monday, 3 August 2015

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office admits to it all being fun and jokes, but Sherriff Pat Melton told local radio WKYT: “We’ve got our community engaged. People are looking at it. They’re talking about it. And you know, if we can get a good tip and get a good drug dealer off the streets, all the more.”

Besides, young criminals have been known to do some incredibly stupid things in recent times, so who’s to say some simple-minded small-time hustler won’t take the bait. Case in point? The now famous @Rosa_Sparkz – the Twitter user who decided to purchase weed over social media by just asking for it, and inadvertently getting into a conversation with police. The viral exchange got retweeted 30,000 times in hours.

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As for the current flyer posted to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office’s page, it is actually a throwback to an earlier ad by the McIntosh County Sherriff, posted in a local Georgia paper. That’s where the Kentucky Sherriff says he got the idea. Both ads got some major attention, and, as of Tuesday morning, Melton’s ad has been reposted 394 times.