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30 Jul, 2015 07:15

‘You shouldn’t even be on the bus!’ SF bus driver won’t let wheelchair-bound woman board (VIDEO)

‘You shouldn’t even be on the bus!’ SF bus driver won’t let wheelchair-bound woman board (VIDEO)

A shocking encounter took place on a San Francisco Muni bus, as the driver with a half-empty vehicle would not let a wheelchair-bound woman on, leading to an argument. The incident was caught on CCTV. Disciplinary action is currently being discussed.

Liz Henry, the would-be passenger, decided to file a complaint with the SFMTA after the driver initially refused to let her board the bus, saying it was too crowded.

Last month’s exchange was caught by the bus cam.  

Even though the vehicle was clearly half-empty and the driver had let other people in the line board, he insisted: “Now what you got to do is, catch the next one. Catch the next one!”

But Henry wouldn’t let up: “You can let me on. There’s room,” she said. The driver replied: “You don’t demand nothing. There’s a guy with a white truck if you want to complain. He’s right there.”

Henry tried to appeal to the driver’s good sense: “We have a right to use the bus. You don’t, you don’t, you don’t not let me on because I’m in a wheelchair.”

The mention of everyone having equal rights to use the bus was met with more of the same: “You don’t demand nothing, neither,” he replied.

There are several gaps in the video footage, but later it shows that Henry somehow managed to win the argument and board the bus, after the lengthy exchange. But her luck with the driver was not to last. As she exited at her stop, he continued his verbal assault.

“You gonna complain anyway, that’s all you is! Hahaha. That’s how y’all live. You shouldn’t even be on the bus,” he said.

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An investigation is under way and the driver’s conduct is under review by the city bus authorities.