​'F*ck that!' Finally, a guided meditation for the realities of the modern world (VIDEO)

Reuters / Lucy Nicholson
Tired of the day-to-day grind we call life? Stop googling “how to battle depression” and start living by the “f*ck that” mantra. The instructions are easily detailed in a new meditation guide – just “breathe in strength” and breathe out you-know-what.

While some may spend hundreds, even thousands, on a counselor to get them through tough times, this online guide won't cost you a penny.

Accompanied by soothing music, the guide begins as any typical meditation video would – with a soothing voice and words that encourage the listener to “sit or lie comfortably and quietly.”

But in reality this guide is much more down to earth than most others, which becomes apparent at the 23d second.

“Let the horsesh*t of the external world fade from your awareness,” the narrator instructs with confidence protracting the R-rated inspiration throughout the rest of the meditation.

The guide was published by storyteller Jason Headley, who has a number of other witty films in his repertoire.

Headley – who says he's “more handsome in real life than he is on camera” but is “still not actually handsome” – has also written several screenplays and a novel.

He credits his sense of humor to his father and David Letterman – but it could also be down to the fact that he “comes from a long line of yarn-spinners and bullsh*tters.”