Protester at a NYC demo falls in love with female cop, asks her on date (VIDEO)

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One particularly “active” protester, wearing cat ears and a leopard-print outfit at a New York City demo, has made advances to a female cop using a pick up line that never fails: “You have beautiful eyes, can I play you a song?”

“My name is Rob, I'm from Boston,” the man said, introducing himself while playing a love song on the guitar. The video of his amorous conversation has been posted online.

“You have amazing eyes, like they are electric. I'm really like swooning right now,” he said.

Without beating around the bush Rob wondered: “Would you like to get like Thai food later? I can clean up really nicely.

“You might see the cat ears and the outfit now but this is just the front,” the protester-in-love quickly added.

While the female officer said neither Yes or No, smiling and blushing instead, Rob suggested that she should give him an alias, adding that most women “usually do.”