Argument at gay pride parade ends in shooting & injuries in San Francisco (VIDEO)

Screenshot from Ruptly video
A bystander has been shot when teenagers arguing at a crowded gay pride event in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza drew guns, police said. The shooting caused chaotic scenes as dozens of people ran away screaming.

The person caught in the crossfire was a 64-year-old man, who worked as a vendor at the event, according to AP. He sustained an injury into his arm and was hospitalized. His condition is stable.

The shooting occurred at around 6 pm local time on Saturday. In the video shot by a witness four shots can be heard followed by screams.

At least six people were detained, CBS Local reports. It’s still unclear whether the violence is gang related, but the argument appears to have had nothing to do with the gay pride event.

San Francisco's Civic Center was hosting Pink Saturday celebrations that are part of the weekend-long gay pride events across the city. When the incident occurred, the Civic Center Plaza was about to be closed.