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13 Nov, 2014 18:40

Hungry women trash McDonald’s after being late for breakfast menu (VIDEO)

Hungry women trash McDonald’s after being late for breakfast menu (VIDEO)

Morning hunger allegedly led to the total destruction of the interior of a McDonald’s restaurant’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recently after two women reportedly missed a deadline for breakfast.

The altercation ended with a chair-throwing, broomstick-breaking brawl earlier this month, and one eyewitness captured the entire event on video.

The footage, reportedly taken from within the McDonald's located on 52nd and Chestnut Street in Philadelphia on November 3, shows two women verbally arguing with two men by the door of an eatery, then cuts to one of the females warning, “I will smack the shit out of you.”

Screenshot from youtube by NationalNewsChannel

Bill Anderson, a reporter for nearby network My9NJ, claims the two women “apparently missed the 10:30 deadline for breakfast and exploded when they were denied McGriddles.”

“It's not clear if the man who was the target of their anger is a security guard or another customer, but he responded like a superhero,” Anderson wrote. “The man was holding the angry women off as they threw chairs and insults his way. He even seemed unfazed when one of the women took a broomstick and broke it over his head.”

The clip then cuts again, and a man is seen picking up a chair with his right hand in order to presumably hurl it as the altercation intensifies, but two McDonald’s employees rush him and remove the weapon.

Soon after, though, the clip abruptly pauses and resumes with one of the women swinging a a broom stick over the head of a man.

Although the footage is choppy, the barely one-minute-long clip continues with both women picking up chairs from inside of the dining room and tossing them at the man, then breaking the aforementioned broom stick in half by cracking it over his head.

Screenshot from youtube by NationalNewsChannel

“Goddamn!” a man off camera is heard exclaiming.

After barely a minute, the clip ends with the women gone from the restaurant, and in their place a mess of wildly strewn McDonald’s furniture and foodstuffs. The footage has since gone viral, accumulating over 866,000 views in under 10 days.

“It happens a lot at McDonald's, but if you want breakfast before 10 o'clock then I personally think you should cook your own breakfast,” one woman who saw the video explained to Anderson.

Fortunately, this event ended relatively well compared to other instances to occur as of late a different Philly area McDonald’s. According to a local CBS News station, one irate customer stabbed an employee at a separate location on November 3 this month after being ordered out of the dining room after business hours had ended.